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The removal of seized  injectors in the cylinder head problem is becoming  increasingly common
and potentially a very expensive problem to rectify.
 Our technicians are equipped with the best and largest range of the latest Hydraulic Extraction tools
 including the leading Pichler hydraulic injector puller tool with pulling capabilities up to 20 tons,
meaning that our injector removal success rate is near perfect.

We can remove the majority of injectors and have all of the necessary tooling to provide a cost effective repair.
We are even able to remove injectors that have been damaged; for instance if the threads have been damaged or broken off, even if the injector has snapped leaving parts stuck in the cylinder head. 

Our Workshop is in Hindley, Wigan, Lancs.,WN2-4SZ
We offer a mobile service and can travel to your garage, subject to call-out fees.


 We can remove:

  • Seized Injectors.
  • Broken or Snapped Injectors.
  • Injectors that have been welded onto.
  • Damaged and manipulated injectors.
  • Bosch, Siemens, Delphi and Denso fuel injectors.


Diesel Injector Removal

We can also remove:

  • Broken and seized injector clamp bolts, rethread/helicoil.
  • Snapped, broken and seized glow-plugs.
  • Replace cylinder head injector sleeves on 1.6 DV6 HDI engines.


        Broken Injector Clamp Bolts

Injector clam bolts can be seized in or snapped,  we can drill out broken or seized injector clamp bolts and re-thread
 or install  inserts at the same time or on a separate occasion

We also remove broken and seized heater or glow plugs, broken bolts and studs and repair stripped internal threads.

We offer our injector removal service for vehicles of all makes and models including:

BMW      Fiat     Ford    Honda     Kia    Land Rover   Mazda  
Mercedes   Nissan    Peugeot     Renault      Vauxhall

Most Requested Engine Codes:

F9Q - 1.9 dCi    M9R - 2.0 dCi    G9T - 2.2 dCi    G9U - 2.5 dCi    N22A - 2.2 I-CDTi    N22B - 2.2 i-DTEC    DW10 - 2.0 JTD    DW12 - 2.2 HDI





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